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Celebrating Tom and Okan's New Review Paper

We are excited by the publication of a new review paper by our very own Tom and Okan in the FEBS Journal. This paper, titled "Dysregulated Ribosome Quality Control in Human Diseases" delves into the critical role of Ribosome Quality Control (RQC) in maintaining cellular homeostasis and its implications in various human diseases.


At the heart of cellular function is the precise regulation of mRNA translation. This process ensures that proteins are synthesized correctly, maintaining the delicate balance required for normal cell function. Historically, the transient nature of mRNAs led to the misconception that abnormalities in translation were relatively inconsequential. This notion has been dramatically overturned in recent years.

Tom and Okan's review highlights the importance of the RQC mechanisms that monitor the quality and fidelity of the translation process. It serves as a surveillance system, detecting and responding to aberrant translation events to safeguard cellular integrity.

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