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Highly motivated candidates for PhD (self-funded), MSc research project, undergraduate research project, and summer internship (volunteer-based) are encouraged to directly contact the PI at sm.jafarnejad 'at'


Available positions for postdocs, PhD (funded), technicians, and research associates will be posted on this page.


New PhD position available in the lab

Interested in finding ways to beat drug-resistance in cancer? Intrigued by the latest progress in the field of mRNA biology?

We are inviting applications for a fully funded PhD position (tuition+ stipend+ bench fee, for UK and Rep. Ireland residents only) for a motivated student interested in studying the mechanisms that link mRNA translation to metabolism and treatment-resistance in glioblastoma.


Working in the RNA biology and in collaboration with Dr. Colin Adrain's groups at the Patrick G. Johnston Centre for Cancer Research, you will apply a range of state-of-the art RNA-biology, genomics, and molecular biology approaches to study how targeting the mRNA translation machinery could increase the anti-cancer treatment efficacy. This funding is generously provided by Brainwave-NI.


Apply here by June 22nd or contact us for more info.

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